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Gift vouchers, treatment boxes, skincare products, tools and trinkets to support your holistic wellness.

Please note that currently all products must be picked up from the treatment room.

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Treatment Boxes

The Little Mountain Treatment Box


This little box of loveliness is designed to reflect and work alongside one of the treatments you’ll find on our menu.

It contains:

  • A treatment gift voucher for you to use with me in our holistic healing space.
  • Natural, organic, eco friendly product(s)to support the treatment from some of our favourite brands and partners.
  • A reiki charged crystal meditation candle.
  • Tools and trinkets for you to get the best out of your treatment experience.
  • Links to online guided meditations, energy work and a curated playlist to suit the treatment theme of the box.

So delve in, enjoy what you find and book in your treatment with me. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you soon.

... or subscribe and receive a different box every 3 months.

The Little Mountain Box of Joy


A monthly curated little box of holistic wellness goodies to support your meditation, relaxation and bring you joy.

Different items each month including but not limited to:

  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Crystals
  • Guided meditations
  • Skincare
  • Discount vouchers for LM treatments

Treat yourself or a friend to a Little Mountain Box of Joy and gift a smile each month.

... or subscribe and receive a different box every month.

Holistic Treats

Love Potion Kit


The perfect blend for a night full of love.

Dried rose petals and rose scented salts charged by a Rose Quartz tumblestone make for a wonderfully calming and relaxing bath ritual.

Light My Fire Love Candle helps to open the heart and sacral chakras, allowing abundant love to flow and passions to be inflamed.

Light My Fire - Love Candle


This potent blend of loving rose quartz and deep sexy red jasper tumblestone crystals, combined with rose and rosemary essential oils is a magic potion for love and passion.

Dried rose petals and rosemary needles mean this hand poured soy wax candle burns slowly, with a delicious crackle, releasing good vibes for your heart and sacral chakras - and creates a romantic atmosphere for whatever you might get up to.

The Earth Candle


Hand poured soy wax in a recycled glass pot, this candle is charged with reiki energy and the intent for grounding.

Connecting to your root chakra, there’s a hidden tree agate stone which promotes a deep connection to nature- as well as reminding us to ground ourselves, spread our roots deep and hold to to balance in these uncertain times.

The Earth Candle contains pine needles from our trees outside the treatment room and mixed chakra crystal chips. The candles are perfect for meditation or relaxation and have a slow, even burn.

50% of each Earth Candle goes to Montagne Verte Morzine helping us to connect even more with the mountains around us.

The LM Chakra Candle


Poured with intention (soy wax), charged with reiki , chakra specific crystals, garden herbs and essential oils.

Perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Chakra Tumblestone Meditation Kit


Seven specially chosen crystals, each attuned to one chakra, to help with balance, unblocking and meditation.

Cleansed and charged with reiki and with an additional link to more information and a chakra cleansing meditation.

Selenite Charging Plate


Selenite, a high vibe crystal that never needs charging is an essential in a crystal collection.

This plate will charge and purify your crystals, feels wonderful to hold, invokes protection, purity, calm and resonates with you third-eye chakra.

Selenite Pendant


Dispell negative energies and allow a balanced flow from crown to root. Selenite attracts the energy of light and positivity and this pendant charm focuses and concentrates that power.

Use as a mini wand to sweep out each chakra, or wear for enhanced energy work.

(Does not include chain)

Meditation Eye Pillow


A gently weighted pillow to cover your eyes during meditation, savasana or general relaxation.

You can scent with essential oils of your choice to enhance your meditation experience.

Hand-made in Morzine.

Rosalena Skincare

Award winning bio-active skincare. Clean, results-driven products with self-care at its heart. A true ritual for your skin.

Cleanse + Be Balm Nourishing Cleansing Balm


The combination of 100% natural plant oils and butters ensure balanced, clear and healthy skin, that’s perfectly cleansed and nourished.

Includes cleansing cloth and headband.

Shortlisted for the Best New Product 2019 - Natural Health Awards

Rock & Rose Face Oil


Revitalise & Brighten

Great for: Skin that needs a boost of brightening, uplifting and radiance. The perfect face oil for the morning after the night before.

Love & Me Face Oil


Nourish & Protect

Great for: Sensitive skin that needs gentle hydration. Balances redness, hormonal breakouts and protects from environmental stresses.

Winner Best Facial Oil Sensitive Skin 2019 - The Beauty Shortlist Awards

Beauty & The Beast Oil


Rejuvenate & Energise

Great for: Pre makeup priming or post shave soothing, this face oil is instantly absorbed and loved by makeup artists, men who shave and non-flowery women who want shine-free hydration.

Editors Choice Commended Award 2019 - The Beauty Shortlist Awards

Frank & Sense Face Oil


Repair & Replenish

Great for: After sun repair treatment and to combat the harsh drying effects of winter - the perfect ski skincare solution. Or as a super hydrating skin treatment any time of year.